Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Password Generator

My older brother first introduced me to the idea of a pronounceable password generator. At one point I took a look at the one available here., and at one point I downloaded the C++ version to try and reverse engineer the generator. Well, fast forward to tonight when I had the opportunity to do so from the JavaScript version into Python. I suspect my engineering may not be quite so perfect, as almost all of my generated PWs start with the letter 'a'. Of course it may be a function of the random number generator. As far as programs go, it is actually fairly simple - the complexity is really in the trigram matrix - which is huge, accounting for about 620 lines. Aha! I found the issue - I was seeding with 12579.0 instead of 125729.0, whoops!

So now it works. Sweet action.

You can see the source here.

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