Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book Review - jQuery Pocket Reference

jQuery Pocket Reference, by David Flanagan leads the reader through a lot of the basic jQuery principles. This book is for those who are fairly familiar with JavaScript already, and are interested in the jQuery library, or those who may have some experience with jQuery and want a solid guide to its features, as well as a language reference.

In jQuery Pocket Reference, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of jQuery which includes the some of the what and why behind jQuery. You will also learn how to modify DOM element attributes, add and remove elements from your page, work with events, animate your elements, working with Ajax, some utility functions, how to extend jQuery, and you will also learn some about the jQuery UI library that allows you to automate the building of a user interface. Then, of course, you have the actual language reference.

I was again impressed by Flanagan's writing in this book. I had only heard of jQuery before I got this book, but I have some familiarity with JavaScript (and several years experience with other languages), and this book has been a great introduction to jQuery and I'm sure the reference will come in handy later this semester in my Web Technology class. If you're looking for a great reference for jQuery, you should buy this book.

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